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GBM Apostles School

The GBM Apostolic School provides a full and detailed study course for those who are called to the Apostolic Office and require a higher level of learning than the fivefold ministry functions.


GBM Prophetic School

The GBM Prophetic School is for those who are called to the full Prophetic Office and require a higher level of training than the fivefold prophetic ministry functions.


Fivefold Teachers School

Who would think that Teachers need to be trained? But in reality this is one of the most understood ministry. Here you will be trained to become a true Teacher


Fivefold Pastors School

In time gone by, the Pastor was everything. Now nobody wants to be a Pastor any more. But the Pastor is far higher and more significant than you realize. This school will train you to become a true Pastor


Evangelists School

The Evangelists School is specifically for training Evangelists how to carry out their ministries.


Fivefold Business School

For those called to function in business as part of their calling. This school gives courses on business based on the Scriptures, and will also show you if you have a calling to business.


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