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GBM Prophetic School

The GBM Prophetic School is for those who are called to the full Prophetic Office and require a higher level of training than the fivefold prophetic ministry functions.


GBM Apostles School

The GBM Apostolic School provides a full and detailed study course for those who are called to the Apostolic Office and require a higher level of learning than the fivefold ministry functions.


Fivefold Business School

For those called to function in business as part of their calling. This school gives courses on business based on the Scriptures, and will also show you if you have a calling to business.


Fivefold Ministry School

The Fivefold Ministry School is for training Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists how to carry out their ministries.


Fivefold Counseling School

A specialized school dedicated to showing believers how to counsel Scripturally, without using the methods of this world.


New Prophetic Movement

A New Prophetic Movement has begun. Like the Charismatic Movement of the past, it is geared towards showing ALL believers how to flow in Prophetic Ministry. Enroll in our FREE COURSE and get started in Prophetic Ministry.


Apostolic Training

Full Mentorship and Personal training under an Apostolic Father for those called to the highest Ministry Offices in the Body of Christ


GBM South Africa

As the home country of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause, South Africa is destined to become a center of influence to the world. God has a plan for South Africa, and this plan will soon become more manifest as God begins to raise up Apostles and Prophets from this land to reach out and change the Body of Christ universal.

A full training mechanism for these high level ministry offices, as well as a training for Fivefold Entrepreneurs is scheduled to be put in place in 2013 under the direction and leadership of Apostle Les D. Crause and the South African Ministry Team.


GBM Europe

This is the website for the Global Business Ministries branch in Europe.

Under the leadership of Ernst and Sonja Haenni, this website will reach out to those living in the countries of Switzerland and Europe.

It will include pages in both English and German.


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